Beijing Modern Communication Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 July; by the Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce China management department registration of Limited by Share Ltd (BECC), the company's main business for the construction supervision and engineering consulting, with a number of class a qualification: is approved Chinese country and a consulting unit, Chinese housing and urban and Rural Construction Department of railways, municipal public works, housing construction supervision units, is the communication engineering supervision units approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology industries China. In addition, equipment supervision unit or class a enterprise of national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine and the national development and Reform Commission jointly approved, with the railway and city track traffic engineering, communication, signal power and traction power supply equipment class a supervision qualification. BECC is one of the earliest supervision units in our country through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001 occupation health and safety management system certification.

BECC is China Engineering Consulting Association member organizations, the International Federation of consulting engineers members of the association, China construction supervision Association member units, China Association member unit of railway engineering construction and supervision committee standing member unit, is China Communications Enterprises Association member units and the design and construction of the professional committee of Supervision Committee Standing Committee unit, Beijing City Construction Supervision Association member units.

BECC is a professional company most early established engineering consulting industry in China, since its inception adhering to the "integrity, justice, science and innovation" business philosophy, for the railway, city rail traffic to provide professional supporting the comprehensive consulting service, for the information industry to provide communication, information consulting services for housing construction, supervision to provide professional engineering supervision services. BECC professional configuration is reasonable, has a large number of high technical quality of all kinds of experts and relevant consultation and supervision personnel. Company existing staff 700 people, including professional consultation and supervision personnel accounted for about 87%, has, senior technical staff accounted for about 65.8% of the. These personnel have long been engaged in railway, city rail traffic engineering, information industry and building engineering consulting and supervision services, has accumulated rich experience, in the industry to establish its own brand name.

BECC is based on high-tech fields, in the railway, city rail traffic, information industry and building engineering and other fields has made due contributions. Companies to actively participate in the national key projects, to assume the Beijing West Railway Station, Zhengzhou to Xi'an Passenger Dedicated Line Engineering, Nanjing, Changji, into the task of supervision Pu intercity railway, Chongqing to Guiyang railway expansion renovation project, also has undertaken the Zhejiang Jiangxi railway, rail Shenshuo line, ha big line, Daqin line, Xikang railway line, Guizhou second, Xiang Yu, Hu Hanrong, Zhang Tangxian, Wu Kang second channel South Tongpu line, six line, three line with Fu Huai and the Beijing Kowloon Railway reformation, Xin Tai magnetic Levin electrified and other major railway project construction supervision. Since 1991 it has taken the Shanghai metro, Beijing metro, Guangzhou Metro light rail, Changchun, Chengdu Metro, Zhengzhou metro, Ningbo Metro City subway, light rail power supply system, signal system, communication system, automatic fare collection system, escalator, comprehensive monitoring, automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing, shielding door and security door equipment, vehicles, passenger information system supervision. In the field of information industry and China Mobile, China Unicom, China China Telecom, radio and television operators to carry out extensive cooperation, provides the high quality service for them.

Companies adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" purpose, sincerely with domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life and extensive exchanges, expand cooperation, create more excellent projects.